When Did You Begin Writing?

I began writing many years ago. I am twenty-seven now and the earliest I can remember myself writing creatively is third grade. My mom says I could read a book at the age of two but I don't have much memory of that. I wrote small poems growing up, none of which I ever thought to much about and then in high-school I began really enjoying creative writing. I took formal English and formal Creative Writing in college and have worked in the web-content writing industry professionally for about six years now which isn't as freeing as my personal writing journey has been for me. My entire journey leading up to my first book was more of a compilation of cathartic writings and release now I am beginning to find more of myself within my works. 

What inspired you to write your first book? 

Life, to say the least. I am a fairly private person so it took a lot for me to compile my writings and share them with the world, even if the book didn't set out to be a best-seller or the number one book on a poetry list I knew I had to free the words I'd been holding in for so long. My mom had been dealing with domestic violence for majority of my life and I myself had just been through a hard relationship whirlwind on top of becoming a mother. I just felt it was time to share my poetry/writings regardless of what the world felt was meant for me. Throughout high-school, college, and into my adult years I was very involved in women's empowerment and I just wanted to give something that shared my heart with the women I so often served and connected with in a raw way. 

how do you make time for writing as a mother?

The key, do it while they sleep. For me I like to get up about one to two hours before I wake my son for daycare and am off to work. I turn on music in the dark, with the blinds slightly open and I just write, write, write, about whatever comes to mind. I typically write something to share with my loves on social media for the day and work on as many pages of my next book as I can. After school/work and time with my little man once we are in bed I go through the same routine with music and just allowing my pen to do what it does until my body is tired. On the weekends I spend most days writing and indulging in self-care while my son is with his dad.


How Did You Publish Your First Book?

I self-published my first book, and the one thereafter. It was an easy process for me since the createspace platform allows for ample direction. The first time around I did not have an editor and I utilized family and friends to help me review the book for errors. By my second book I found a nice editor who actually edited The Sweetness in Soil and then returned to edit The Flowering Woman for me. I had a friend design the cover of the first book and I actually designed the second cover myself. 

where did you grow up?

I grew up in the inner-city of Cleveland, Ohio in a four story red house filled with the hearts of four other little girls. 

what do you do when you get "writers block"?

I honestly don't believe in the idea of writers block. I believe in resting, resetting, and taking time away from anything when you need to. I think the notion of writers block cripples us and can instill a sense of complacency in our ability to overcome obstacles. If I am working on a project and am at a point where I feel stuck, I turn on music, put on a good movie, look at photography, question myself and the intentions of my words, I simply do anything I can to get the pen moving. If I believed in writer's block I'd probably have it every single day at one point or another. It's all about finding purpose, inspiration, and just disciplinng yourself to overcome any humps through time with yourself and craft.