The Woman...

Q. Gibson born Quanishia Gibson, is a writer from Cleveland, Ohio. The middle sister of five women and mother to a rambunctious four-year-old boy named Jonah. Her writings and poetry stems from experiences gathered throughout life and the journey through womanhood. Her debut collection of poetry and prose "The Flowering Woman: Becoming and Being", a book of healing, self-journey, and blooming through universal grievances was self published in 2016 along with her second collection "The Sweetness in Soil" a collection of brief and concise writings on growing up woman amidst the struggles of the inner city.

Throughout her younger years Q. spent most of her time creating art and venturing into creative writing. As she continued to gather a passion for empowerment and the uplifting of community she dedicated herself to sharing works that were not only edifying but pure and often thick with hardship. Sharing swift inspirations on her social media sites has allowed for shared cathartic experiences with her community of readers as well as ways to use the voice she has been granted to inspire a new generation of readers and writers. 

Gibson is currently working on her next few projects and honing in on her voice as she shares in spaces with women and readers alike. She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook here.